14 October 2012

up, up, and away

A few years ago (3 or maybe it was 4) I decided to make 'superhero' capes for my nieces and nephews for Christmas.  I found a tutorial from 'puking pastillies /now 'georgia leigh' here.  I also found a web site that sold custom capes - 'plum pear apple'.  I liked them - but I didn't like the idea of using felt.  I wanted these capes to be washable and durable.  So I looked at the instructions/pictures and drew my own pattern. [update: I just found a another pattern for capes on pinterest that would also work.]

The first set I made were 'superheroes'.  I found logos on-line, traced the mirror image onto heat-n-bond lite, ironed it on fabric, cut them out, ironed them on the cape, and worked on my zig-zag skills while stitching around all of them.

I made Batman/Mr Incredible and Superman/Flash. (sorry - crappy indoor lighting at night.)

They were fun ... but I just didn't see my nieces liking the superhero capes.  But 'initial' capes would work.
So I made capes with their initial on the back and lined with fun fabric.  4 capes were made and sent off for Christmas  (without taking any pictures).  3 more capes were made and given to a wonderful friend's kids and a cousin as a sibling gift when her youngest was born.  (without taking any pictures).     I learned that my nephew C. was into superheroes, so I packed up my set of superhero capes and sent them to live with him.  At least I took pictures of them before they were mailed.  I hear 'Batman' goes to the grocery store, the library, Wal-mart ... pretty much everywhere.  Last year, C told me that his little sister needed a cape of her own for when they played together.  K got a cape for her 1st birthday.  (and some books because I didn't think she really cared if she had a cape.)   3 more were made for nieces and nephews. (without taking pictures)  2 were made for another friend's kids as a 'welcome the new baby' gift.   2 more were made for yet another friend's kids as a 'yea the new baby is here' gift.   I probably made a few more that I've forgotten about  ... and I still don't have pictures.  (uh, notice a trend here?) 

So this time - while making 2 more for a friend's kids as a "just because you're cute" gift, I finally took pictures.  

 Just a simple cape - but it's the project I make the most of.

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