20 May 2013

Hearts for T.

Earlier this year, a friend from church asked if I could piece together a quilt top for her daughter T.  T graduated from high school in December and headed off to college with her older sister's quilt.  She thought T needed her own. :)  This is the same pattern as her older daughter's quilt - with different fabrics.  (I completely forgot to write the name of the pattern down ... but I know who it was borrowed from if anyone local wants to try it.)  

This pattern is definitely not to my taste - but it was a good pattern.  The directions were clear, it made sense, and it came together really fast.

I stacked 6 squares of 12" fabric in purple  and 6 of cream.  I traced the pattern on to freezer paper, ironed it on the top fabric, and carefully cut along the lines.  Then just swapped the 6 'heart' pieces with each pile.  Each piece is numbered, and on #1, move the top fabric to the bottom of the stack, on #2 move the top 2 fabrics to the bottom, and continue on.  Now each 'block' has 12 different pieces of fabric.

The pattern does require that you keep track of the pattern piece (easy due to the freezer paper or just looking at the master pattern) and the layers on several pieces.  They recommended stickers for this, but I didn't want to deal with sticky residue on the fabric.  I grabbed my 3/4" circle punch and freezer paper and made freezer paper "stickers".

It took a little over 1 week of only sewing in the evenings to make 40 blocks.

One Saturday to sew the blocks together and add boarders (with mitered corners!).

I had one panicked trip to the fabric store to get a bit more fabric for the back ... but they still had it in stock.  Yea!  (non-quilters buying fabric don't think of pesky details like it taking more than 1 width of fabric for the backing.)

Final size: 61" x 88".

It was sent off to the long arm quilters and I put the binding on it this weekend.  It even has a sweet note from her Mom as the label on the back.

I think it turned out pretty great.  I hope T. loves it.