07 October 2012

Multi-Tasker Tote - (christmas sewing started!)

I actually started sewing for Christmas - and it's the first week of October. Yea!  (And I don't think she reads my blog, so it should be okay to show it off.)  

This is 'Anna Maria Horner's Multi-Tasker Tote'.   This is the second time I've made this tote (I made it with my sister last summer out of Ikea fabric.  I should post about that.) and I still really like it.

I love the outside pockets (big enough to hold a water bottle) and the inside is big enough to hold a binder - but it's small enough that you can actually carry it.

The construction is a bit different - and every time I'm kind of surprised how the side pockets are made - but it works.  I really like how the handles scrunch up the top of the outside pockets.  It's cute.  :)  It's made with 5/8" seam allowance - which seems HUGE after sewing 1/4" on my quilts.

The pattern specifies one pocket with a key clip and I added a second zipper pocket.   It's a  little tricky to put in because the lining seams runs vertically through the center of the zipper and that's the seam you leave open to turn the bag, but with a little bit of work and determination, it's do-able.  I couldn't match the citron lining color, so I choose grey for the zipper and pocket lining.

The fabric is called 'modern essentials' and I got it from JoAnns (with a coupon).  It's a home dec weight, but it's soft and has a really nice feel.  But definitely remember to use to use a 'jean' needle - I bent/broke 1 needle while making it.

One Christmas present down.  More to sew than I really want to think about.

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