19 May 2012

in progress: hst triangle quilt

It's time to pick a layout for my hst (half square triangle) quilt.  The fabric is Tula Pink's 'nest' fabric.  What's your favorite?

Option #1 - "Delightful" (pattern by Aneela Hoey)  Aren't the pinwheels fun?

Option #2 -  diamonds.  (The pattern of the original quilt that I saw in the Bloggers Quilt Festival and fell in love with.)

Option #3 - 'arrows'

Option #4 - stacked triangles (or rotate them 45 and let them be rows of triangles?)

Option #5 -lots of diamonds

Option #6 - windmill whimsy

Option #7 - triangles in formation (yes, I'm all out of names)

Option #8 - zig -zag (uh, with one square flipped wrong!)

So, sister of mine, what layout should it be?

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