26 April 2012

drawstring bag

One day while browsing etsy, I saw some 'sock bags' to hold your knitting (or other crafts) - and loved the draw string. My knitting (or crocheting) won't fall out.  I (hopefully) won't loose my extra needles or hooks or rulers or all of the other stuff I keep in my knitting bags.  Here's my version, heavily inspired from 'the silver pumpkin'.

The big bag is 11.5" tall, 8.5" wide, and 4" deep.  The small bag is about 8" tall, 6" wide, and 4" deep.  1 yard of outside fabric, 1 yard of lining fabric and I now have 3 bags.  I love the stripes for the lining.

The big bag will hold a baby blanket or a sweater.  The small bag will work great for socks or crochet doilies or other little projects.

This was a quick project.  I drew the pattern in 'publisher' and printed it on the plotter at work.  Fabric was cut out one night while watching tv.  Two evenings of sewing and I had 3 really cool bags.

Aren't the bicycles cute! 

I couldn't decide which to use first.  So the baby blanket is in the pink animal bag and a sweater for me is in the bike bag. 

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