13 January 2014

quilt for my sister

While working on the quilts for my nieces and nephew, I decided my sister needed a quilt.  Yes, she could make one herself, but where is the fun of that?

I let her pick out her own fabric and she choose azure minky from fabric.com.  It's a really pretty blue/deep turquoise color.   It's more blue-y than their snapshot, but it gives an idea of the fabric color.

But what to do for the front?  I spent some time on fabric.com looking for some prints to go with it.  I didn't find anything I liked.  My sister found a few, but I still didn't like them.  Azure blue is just hard to match.  I figured I needed to start somewhere, so I picked a solid - Kona cotton alegria blue - on-line.  I figured if nothing else, it would work for the binding.  It ended up being lighter than the back, but in the same color family, so it would work.  [Occasionally I'm lucky with guessing colors off of the monitor.]

I liked a stack of fabric that I found on from the blue chair - gray, aqua, lime, and red.   I headed to my local fabric store to try to mimic it.  Epic fail.  I couldn't find anything I liked.  Did I mention that it was the first week of December and I really wanted it done by Christmas?  My next thought was a rainbow.  But I didn't like that once I laid out the fabric.  So I tried for just a few colors.  An orange, a lime green, a blue, and gray.  Then I added in either a lighter or darker shade.  But was was bored with squares - so I decided on equilateral triangles.  A few quick tutorials from pinterest, and I thought I could do it.

The color choices: alegria blue, pacific, orange, tangerine, chartreuse, lime, iron, and coal.  All Kona cotton.

I cut out 5.75 strips of fabric and cut out equilateral triangles using the 60 degree line on my ruler.  I laid them out one night and tried to make it as random as I could.  I think it turned out pretty cool.

It came together really smoothy.  I just focused on keeping the seam allowances accurate, pinned the points on the strips, and it just worked.  Most of the points turned really nice.  They're not all perfect - but it's pretty good.  It took about a week to get it pieced and a little less to quilt it.  At that point, I wasn't feeling too great, so I sewed the binding on and put it in my suitcase.  [Binding and letters in pacific blue, background of letters in iron.]  I figured I could hand sew the binding down when I got home.  [It's just as easy to sit and watch Netflix at Mom and Dad's.] :)

It's not very 'girly' looking, but I like it.  Hopefully my sister does too.

Now to make one for me!

size: 60" wide by 75" tall
fabric: azure minky from fabric.com.  Kona cotton: alegria blue, pacific, orange, tangerine, chartreuse, lime, iron, and coal.
straight line quilting 1/4" away from all seam lines on my Janome by me.

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