25 March 2012

3 more bags

Once upon a time I made a scripture tote bag as a birthday/baptism present.  I thought they were pretty handy (they fit a composition notebook, scriptures, and a few pencils very nicely).  I made one for a niece.  Then a nephew.  Then another niece.  Then 1 niece and 2 nephews. 

But not everyone had one.   To squash a minor bit of sibling rivalry, I needed to make one more for a birthday gift.  But if I was going to make one more, why not make 3 and be prepared!

Lucky for me, they're pretty easy to make.  The names take the longest time - choosing the font, tracing, cutting out, ironing them onto the bag just so, and then zig-zagging around each letter.  All fabric found at JoAnn's - I really like the orange paisley and the pink bird.

Hopefully everyone (when they finally get them) will be happy with their bag.

Lesson: if you make something for one niece/nephew, be prepared to make it for all of them.  Luckily, I love them, I'm a pushover  ... and this bag is fairly quick and easy project.


  1. Good job!!!!
    I'm impressed with the letters (curious what your method/trick is) and you said you zig-zagged around the letters - but in the close up picture it looks like you stiched a straight stich on top of the letters??? I might need to talk you!!! (:

    1. Yup, it's zig zag - but it's a little zig zag. On my machine I set it to 2.5 width and .40 length. (pretty small!)

      The letters are pretty simple. I print them out 'mirrored' and then trace that on to 'heat-n-bond lite'. I iron that on to the back of the fabric, cut them out with little pointy sissors, peel off the paper and iron in place. Then I just zig-zag around the edges. I hope that with the zig-zag the letters will hold up - even through the laundry.

      Let me know if you need more info - I'm happy to send you the measurements of all of the pieces!