20 February 2012

front pack carrier & randomness

I made this today for my niece K.   The pattern is from Oliver + S "Little Things To Sew"  She likes to carry her 'baby doll' with her, so this should give her some hands free ability.  Now that I've sewn a pattern from Oliver + S, I understand the hype.  It was well written, had great tips (I learned some new tricks!), and it was easy to whip out.  Two short hours of sewing today, with the obligatory 30 minutes to get the button holes right, and Buttercup the bear was modeling on the fence.   Hopefully K. will love it.  It's currently my favorite project.

I also tried out my bias tape maker.
The instructions sounded too good to be true.  I was prepared to fight with it and force the fabric through ... but the fabric just flowed through it like a dream.  Now to buy some bigger sizes.  It's time to conquer my fear of bias tape!

And this picture is included because looking in my cupboard this morning put a smile on my face.
Fiesta Dinnerware!  scarlet, paprika, tangerine, marigold, sunflower, lemongrass, shamrock, turquoise, peacock, cobalt, and plum.  They're a complete splurge and indulgence ... but I really love them.

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