16 April 2010

softie, softie, who's got a softie?

After seeing my sister's "selvage whale" - which is _way_ cute (now to save selvages for me!) - I thought she needed some more animal ideas. Plus I know my 'you never sew for me!' nephew needs a monster and maybe a dragon. Here's the listing of tutorials, patterns, and ideas that I've found. I'm sure more updates will come!

Tutorials (some with patterns)
- duck
- hedgehog
- monster
- monster tutorial (no pattern)
- platypus
- humpty dumpty
- goldfish
- sock owl
- owl
- koala bear
- little pocket doll

Patterns to buy:
- dragon (This one is going to be the "exercise reward" this month!
- Funky Friends Factory
- Melly and Me

Look what others have done:
- Peakaboo
- Nosey Nest
- Mariska's blog and her shop that sells Fluffels

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